More than 300 products are included in the Menù. Products catalog to provide help and a wide range of ideas that can be employed in cafés, bars, pubs, sandwich shops, and similar establishments. There is also a collection of mouth-watering recipes that allows the managers of both fast-service and traditional restaurants to make use of our original products and our newest additions to prepare truly impressive dishes. Naturally, this initiative is backed up by Menù's experience and quality.

Mushrooms Cocktail in oil garlic and parsley

Giudia Style Artichokes / Jewish-style fried Artichokes

Grilled Whole Peppers

Naturally preserved Artichoke segments


Salsa di Fichi / Fig Sauce

Tropea Onion Sauce with Balsamic Vinegar

Green Tomato Sauce

Naturally Preserved Sweet Corn

Red Radicchio Grilled from Treviso

Pickled Capers

Baby Onions with Balsamic Vinegar

Sun-dried Tomatoes

Sun-dried Tomato segments

Dorati Cherry Tomatoes with Basil

Tomato Pulp “Polpavera fine” fine mix

Seeded Green Olives

Taggiasche Olives Alla Provenzale

Olive Nostraline alla Calabrese

Gaeta Olives alla Siciliana

Prataoili Mushroom Cream with Truffle aroma

Black Sauce with Truffle aroma

Panna Cotta Powder mix

Mix for Tiramisù in powder