There is no doubt that the cold cuts are considered an important part of the Italian gastronomy.The delicatessen have a long history in the Italian culture with documentation of its beginnings tracing back to pre-Roman times. It is this longevity in history that has allowed the cold cuts to take on hundreds of flavor profiles in addition to the different shapes and sizes, all of which can be contributed to regional influences, ingredients and techniques. An exciting challenge for Ellermann, spread the knowledge in the Far East of only a selection of products of the highest quality, most authentic tradition of Italian delicatessen. The highest interpretations of Prosciutto di Parma DOP and Prosciutto di San Daniele DOP, as well as all the major specialties of the Italian regions, guaranteed by the experience of more than one century of the LEVONI company for the consistency in quality, certified by the direct control and management of the entire supply chain from the farming to the aging of the products. The selection of delicatessen is completed by an important Tuscan specialty: the Cinta Senese. The "Cinta Senese" is a very ancient Tuscan breed of pig. "Cinta" means "belt" from Siena; the porks are black with a white belt on shoulders and forelegs. It has been raised in Tuscany for centuries: many frescos, sculptures and paintings, even dating back to the Middle Age and Renaissance, show how this breed used to be well-known and appreciated. Podere BIOAMIATA, one of the most important farm of Cinta Senese, is certified Organic Farm offering the Cinta wider range of Organic products for those who require only the highest quality.