Preserved Foods

The company Menù is a leader in the catering field and in products for catering: sauces, dressing, toppings and creams, mushrooms, first courses, dishes, sweets and desserts. It has always responded to changes in taste with new proposals, while maintaining the same high quality of the raw material, the processing hygiene, the safety of the packaging.

Almost 80 years have passed since Romolo Barbieri established his sausage and salami factory in Cavezzo (Modena) in 1932 and today’s company has seen many changes. Today Menù, with its over 50,000 square metres of factory space and its 300 agents with over 30,000 customers served, represents a leading company serving the catering trade. The plant fully reflects the evolution of Menù; departments and divisions have the same common denominator of seeking quality, from the raw material to the finished product, obtained by means of the latest technology, but without forgetting the craftsman’s hand. The research and development department creates and tries new ideas, always on the basis of market requests and of  the  possibility  of  industrial  scale  production. The chefs, coordinated by an expert in food sciences, are always at work to design and test new combinations to launch on the market  The production of most of Menù’s products follows the seasonal campaigns and the production department is just an enormous kitchen.

Menù specialities do not contain preservatives and are subject to strict controls. Cooking after the product has been closed enhances its taste, just like in a pressure cooker. The fresh raw materials mainly come from the countryside of Emilia Romagna and from the main domestic and foreign markets. Agribar, a subsidiary, experiments new varieties of seeds for vegetables which are then processed, trans- formed and packaged, ready for marketing. The production cycle copies, in terms of the care and of the working process, what happens in a traditional family kitchen. Already asserted technology is associated with machines with a high production process, which are a valid aid for our chefs to keep the production level high without affecting the standards of quality. The recipes come from traditional home cooking but also include products with a refined taste. The  company  Menù,  amongst  the  foremost  in  Italy, uses aseptic sterilisation systems obtaining products with an unrivalled quality and freshness.