The continuous search for quality without compromise over the years has allowed us to define the best selection of fruits exclusively from areas of Italy with higher agricultural vocation. Our products come only from farmers who practice non-intensive crops and guarantee the highest quality available on the market highlighting the freshness and taste of products aimed at more exclusive restaurants. Authentic specialties that highlight the extraordinary biodiversity of the Italian regions from the north, the center and the south, offering a great variety of products during the 4 seasons of the year and ensuring to the most demanding chefs the  indispensible raw material for their most important culinary creations. Two refrigerated air shipments a week from Italy to Hong Kong allow a supply with consistent quality and freshness. A thorough organization of the supply chain offers the opportunity to customers with special needs to enter some orders "last minute" up to 48 hours before delivery in Hong Kong.


Golden Apple Extra

Stark Apple Extra

Renetta Apple

Green Smith Apple




Prikly Pear

Green Figs

White Grapes

Red Grapes

Sicilian Lemons

Amalfi Lemon

Mandarin Oranges

Cantaloupe Melon

Yellow Melon

Green Melon

Sicilian Medlars


Sicilian Tarocco Orange Extra Quality

Sicilian Orange

Sicilian Blood Orange

Extra White Peach

Extra Yellow Peach


Vanilla Persimmon

Soft Persimmon

Abate Pears

Williams Pears