Cheese in addition being an excellent food to be enjoyed in a simple or in combination with the wines is also an essential ingredient of Italian cuisine. It is often used as a condiment for pasta, risottos and soups, as a filling for ravioli and tortellini, to enrich pizzas and meats.

Ellermann present a selection of over 100 cheeses from the most famous DOP to small producers of all Italian regions to bring the quality of craft products and scents of the mountains and valleys from all Regions of Italy.

From fresh Mozzarella handmade by 100% buffalo milk and delivered to customers after less than 48 hours, to the special Parmigiano Reggiano with ten years of seasoning, we support our customers with a great choice, satisfying the diverse tastes thanks to a careful selection of the producers and a fast and effective logistic service.

Ellermann is the ideal consultant to offer to the customers of the most exclusive Restaurants the delicate taste of fresh cheeses, the selection of magnificent cheese trolleys and matching of cheeses to the most exclusive wines.